How it works...getting the ball rolling

The ten steps to having your band heard

1. Contact us for a meeting. Use email or call us. Emailing is the best method.

2. We will set up first contact to discuss the project.

3. Having a meeting at the end of a practice is always a good idea, we can determine the best method to get "your sound" on tape.

4. We will schedule a time and place to do the actual recording.

5. We show up with our remote recording system and set up. This usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the recording requirements.

6. We (the band included) have "tons 'o' fun" getting the songs on tape. Our engineers are very easy going people, with the ability to work with bands in an extremely relaxed atmosphere.

7. A rough mix (CD, DAT, or cassette) will be provided to the band for critique, suggestions, etc. DAT's and cassettes can be made during recording, CD's require 1-2 days processing time.

8. We take the recorded tracks back to the factory for mixing and mastering.

9. Any extra details are completed. (Concept art, MP3 conversions, multimedia content, etc.)

10. Final master is given to band